I am trying to have use XSL:FOP through servlet and I was hoping to use
XML and XSLT to dynamically generate the XSL:FOP format file to be passed to
Driver for rendering as PDF.

   The example which comes with distribution uses xmlFile and xslFile,
however I wanted to generate the XML and XSL at run time and to be able to
pass the output into the Driver for rendering a PDF.

    However I found that currently XSLTInputHandler constructor only accepts
xmlFile and xslFile?

    Is there a possible way where I can have the xsl:fo be generated
dynamically and be able to pass it to Driver as an InputSource for
rendering. (since InputSource constructor does accept/allow InputStream)

    Am I missing something ? or Do I need to write my own handler ?

    I am lost here... pls. help.

    Thanks (in anticipation!),


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