The messages about the marker not being added could be due to some minor error like the marker is not the first child of the block or there is whitespace before the marker (markers haven't been fully implemented yet).

The message "Some static content could not fit in the area." indicates that something could not fit into the static area on page three. This may be the real reason that you do not see the marker. You need to increase the size of the static area or reduce the size of the contents.
Fop does not currently handle this properly, it should (by default) put all the contents there and clip so you only see the specified area.

On 2001.12.05 17:06 Steven Ford wrote:
I am using a marker to change the header each time there is a new 'Center' in the data. I get the following error:

marker cannot be added to '[EMAIL PROTECTED]'marker cannot be added to '[EMAIL PROTECTED]' [1] [2] [3Warning: Some static content could not fit in the area.]

I retrieve the marker in the xsl-region-before. It shows up fine in the first and second pages but fails in the third. Where it fails is when a table spans over into a new page.

I am displaying data grouped by "Center". each center is in a table which is in it's own block. At the top of the block I have:

<fo:marker marker-class-name="center">
Center: 2014450000 - Clinical Chemistry <!-- from database -->

I get 3 pages. the first page is fine, the center has a few rows and fits on one page. The next center starts on a new page (I use <fo:block break-before="page">). page 2 is fine but page 3 is a
continuation of the block & table that started on page 2 and I get the above error.

Does anyone have an idea what is causing this?

PS - If you can't tell by my question I am new to XSL-FO

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