Robert C. Leif, Ph.D. wrote:

From: Bob Leif,
To: James Richardson
I am dead serious. Evidently, you have had no experience with Ada 95.
Ada is much better at modeling XML than Java. I realize that Java is a
marketing success. Unfortunately, it is based to a great extent on
obsolete technology. For instance, it lacks: generics (templates),
enumerated types, and range checking. Ada is also safe enough for the
Boeing 777 flight control system and the French railroads.

Look, I know your Commodore 64 is much better than my Amstrad, but thats not really the point. Ada may well be great (Or it might not be, that's not the point I'm making), but its use in non educational/military/safety critical systems is limited. Even if somebody were to write a super-dooper FO transformer in ada, working for a large company, I probably couldn't use it, as my applications are all java, and the integration would be difficult.

If you want, please write <any app you want> in ada, but just popping your head round the door, and saying "'drop everything!' this other thing is much better" accomplishes little.

I don't think a lengthy Java v. Ada conversation going on in this list would do much for the state of FOP as we know it, either....

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