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I totally agree with James Richardson.
" I don't think a lengthy Java v. Ada conversation going on in this list

would do much for the state of FOP as we know it, either...."

Carlos Araya wrote: "3. What compilers currently available as open
source can compile ADA as a cross platform product like Java's

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It may be so, Ada may indeed be 1000% more robust than Java, however
being an open source development effort I question your proclamation
everything should switch to Ada on 3 levels:

1. How many Ada programmers do you know who have the time commitment and
dedication to stay with an open source project. If I remember correctly
few Ada programmers I know are booked solid for the next couple years.

2. How serious are you about retraining all the developers who
code to FOP (starting with the original developer who still has commit
privileges) in a language who, for many, is an unknown. It's easier to
demand a better language and more and more stuff but we also need to
remember that these folks are doing it for free, on their own time.

3. What compilers currently available as open source can compile ADA as
cross platform product like Java's bytecode? If there are any (I'm only
familiar with ADA through people who work with it) are they deployed as
widely as the JDK/JRE is for Java?

If it's that important to you that the code is written in Ada, go ahead,
the source and translate it, then come show us how wrong we were. Until
I honestly don't think it should change... It's not just an exercise on
powerful the underlying language is but on how many people uses it

And, with all due respect, What on earth do the 777 and the french
have to do with this discussion?


On 01/16/02 14:20, "Robert C. Leif, Ph.D." <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> From: Bob Leif,
> To: James Richardson
> I am dead serious. Evidently, you have had no experience with Ada 95.
> Ada is much better at modeling XML than Java. I realize that Java is a
> marketing success. Unfortunately, it is based to a great extent on
> obsolete technology. For instance, it lacks: generics (templates),
> enumerated types, and range checking. Ada is also safe enough for the
> Boeing 777 flight control system and the French railroads.
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> From: James Richardson [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2002 9:38 AM
> Subject: Re: HELP DRIVER!
> Robert C. Leif, Ph.D. wrote:
>> From: Bob Leif,
>> It seems that the Java underlying FOP is a source of a significant
>> number of problems. I would suggest that the developers switch to a
> much
>> more reliable and efficient object oriented technology, Ada. Since
>> is an ISO standard and has an extensive validation suite, it is much
>> more portable than Java. The GNAT (GNU) Ada compiler can produce both
> J
>> codes and fully compiled executables.
> Wow, is it April already?

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