Title: Using FOP in an applet ?


  What I would like to do is send XML to the browser client (MS-IE6, in the case of our extranet, but not limited to.)
  There, show it on screen as html/css (already possible with XSLT and the MS-XML dll.)
   and print it as PDF ... (Impossible for now, why didn't MS implement css @page.)

Would it be a *solution* to embed FOP in an applet and use it on the client to print PDF ?

PS : After some research, I didn't find anything about "FOP and Applet".
I know that it it possible to use FOP with Servlet, PHP and many Apache project.
I know about WebGrabber, PdfLib, RenderX ...
(This means : I am not expecting people on this list to be at my service, but I came to the point where I need help to continue.)


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