I believe you use

<fo:table table-omit-footer-at-break="true">
and then define the footer within
If you want to extend the footer across the whole page (So its not just a column footer) then you use
<fo:table-cell number-columns-spanned="the number of columns in the table">

Lars Karschen wrote:


I've got a question concerning page-sequences.
I tried to create a sequence of pages, which all
have a header on top of the page and no footer.
The flow content is a table.
Once all information on the table is displayed, the last page should close with a footer, summarizing the table contents.
The problem is, the footer should be on the last
page with the last data of the table if there is still enough space left, and it shouldn't be the only region beginning a new page if possible.

Is there any way to do it via page-sequences?


Lars Karschen

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