Has anyone got FOP working with Hewlett Packard's application server?

I am rendering a PDF from an XML DOM Document using an XSL-FO stylesheet.
I have experienced 2 problems so far.

1) I have this working with Tomcat and the XML Document object needs to have
it's normaize() method called before the XSLT transformation will work
otherwise I get Null Pointer Exceptions during the XSLT phase.  With the HP
server the normalize() method runs but doesn't give any errors or exceptions
but I still get the Null Pointer Exception during the transformation.  I
know this is where the problem lies because if you write the XML document to
a file and read it back in it work fine.

2) Under HP server, I can't seem to render any GIF files (admittedly I
haven't tried any other format as yet).  I get a XObject: Null Pointer
Exception on each filename.

I haven't seen any mention of Hewlett Packard's Application Server here but
I would like to get it working as it's a great deal faster than Tomcat and
it is a J2EE server and best of all..... It's FREE !

Dinesh Patel
Britannic Assurance


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