Hi Magnus and JTHaemlitz,

I am grateful to you both for your efforts.

Perhaps i should have explained, the subsequent headers are different from
the first header.

The first version, Magnus' version, produced two documents. The first one
had the special headers and the second one had the ordinary ones.

The second version does the same. I don't see how the content of the headers
will change. Granted, the margin size will change. But I need what is
contained in the header on the subsequent pages to be different from what is
at the top of the first page. Are we to conclude that it can't be done?

I'm concluding this can't be done. {:(


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Sent: Friday, February 15, 2002 2:59 PM
Subject: Re: A brain teaser

> a like that homey.
>        <fo:layout-master-set>
>           <fo:simple-page-master master-name="first"
>                            page-height="11.0in"
>                            page-width="8.5in"
>                            margin-top="2.0in"
>                            margin-bottom="0.0in"
>                            margin-left="1.0in"
>                            margin-right="1.0in">
>                <fo:region-body margin-bottom="0.5in"/>
>                <fo:region-after extent="0.5in"/>
>           </fo:simple-page-master>
>          <fo:simple-page-master master-name="main"
>                                 page-height="11.0in"
>                                 page-width="8.5in"
>                                 margin-top="0.25in"
>                                 margin-bottom="0.0in"
>                                 margin-left="1.0in"
>                                 margin-right="1.0in">
>            <fo:region-body margin-top="0.5in" margin-bottom="0.25in"/>
>            <fo:region-before extent="1.0in"/>
>            <fo:region-after extent="0.5in"/>
>          </fo:simple-page-master>
>           <fo:page-sequence-master master-name="standard">
>                <fo:repeatable-page-master-alternatives>
>                     <fo:conditional-page-master-reference page-position
> ="first" master-name="first"/>
>                     <fo:conditional-page-master-reference
> master-name="main"/>
>                </fo:repeatable-page-master-alternatives>
>           </fo:page-sequence-master>
>        </fo:layout-master-set>

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