Try adding creating a new fo:page-sequence every X (~20?) pages or so.The
attached XSL does the trick for me. Of course if you don't have natural page
breaks (this is the only one of our reports that does), the output will be
kind of awkward.
Good luck,
Matt Savino

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Subject: Big files, no memory...

alright, i'm new to this group, and i'm sure this has already been covered
(where can i look at old messages?) 

i'm generating a catalog with lots of skus, and i have my magical xsl
transformation written, it's configurable, blah blah.  the problem is, when
i run it with only 10 items, it works great.  when i put the entire catalog
in (~300 units), i run out of memory.  i know that this is the reason for
the redesign of FOP, and am curious how that's going and when there might be
something that will handle the entire catalog? 

my catalog is simple, and has no forward references, so incremental page
layout would work perfectly for me. 

any ideas or suggested workarounds? 

thanks in advance! 

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