However, the second block-container is not positioned relative (= with
100pt offset to the left and the top) to the preceding one.
The second block-container is positioned at the bottom of the page, with a
100pt offset to the left and to the bottom. It seems as if the 'position
="relative"' property is ignored.

In Cascading Style Sheet layouts the position:relative attribute means the element is positioned relative to it's static position (ie. the position it would appear without the CSS turned on).

{ position:relative; top:100pt; left:100pt; } would move the element 100pt from the top and 100pt from the left of it's static position. ie. down and right 100pt.

In your example, assuming .fo uses similar rules, I'm guessing your block container is appearing 100pt down and to the right of where it would appear without the top and left attributes.

You could either change these to position the element where you want it, use a position="absolute" (if it's supported in .fo), or use a table layout to position the element.

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