Belay my last unless you are talking about a single page. This suggestion
sucks wind otherwise.

If you really desperately needed that border you could:

1) create a background-image that provided it for you (SVG?);


2) do some stuff in the 4 outside regions, essentially coming back to the
use of region-filling (or close - you don't want to extend into the regions
and precedence is not a solution either) block-containers with borders.


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From: Arved Sandstrom [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
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fo:region-body takes the standard background properties, such as

You cannot put a border on a region directly, since in XSL 1.0 the
border-width on regions is forced to "0". The workaround would be to fill up
the region with a block-container, and put the border on it. But then you
may as well apply the background to that instead.


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Subject: region body formatting

I'm trying to get a pdf of an A4 page with a 1cm margin of white
surrounding a grey central area.
So far I've got the 1cm margin set up using the simple-page-master but I
can't figure out how to make the region-body have a background color or

Here's my layout-master-set so far:

        <fo:simple-page-master master-name="main" page-height="29.7cm"
page-width="21cm" margin-top="1cm" margin-bottom="1cm" margin-left="1cm"
            <fo:region-body />

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Josh Campbell

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