*        I am getting rows from a database in XML format. I am representing
each row as a table in the .fo file ; so when FOP renders it the PDF file
eventually turns them out over multiple pages(I guess Acrobat Reader is
intelligent enough to put it accross multiple pages). But  what I want is
that the header information be displayed on all the subsequent pages
                  What happens presently is that the "header" tag  in the
incoming XML is represented by a fo:table having "yellow" background; which
displays the column titles. This table appears only in the first page.How do
I make this header table appear in all pages? I don't want to control how
many rows appear in one page by putting that information in the XML say by
having <page>.. </page> to signify a page.

Attached - "jeffReport.xml",",jeffReport.xsl" & "jeff.fo". This is how the
eventual pdf appears (if you notice the yellow header appears only on the
first page. I want it to appear on all the pages)-


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