My tables are getting split accross pages. If the last table cannot fit into
the page then i want it drawn completely on the next page instead of the
first table row being drawn on the current page and the rest of the table
rows on the next page. How do I control that?


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Look at docs/examples/fo/ for an example. The interesting part
is: <fo:static-content flow-name="xsl-region-before">, but look at the
page-master, too. I'd look for a good tutorial on XSL:FO.

And next time please don't post attachments that big. Not everybody has
a leased line at home!

On 19.02.2002 21:05:50 Sampige, Srinivas wrote:
> Hi
> *      I am getting rows from a database in XML format. I am representing
> each row as a table in the .fo file ; so when FOP renders it the PDF file
> eventually turns them out over multiple pages(I guess Acrobat Reader is
> intelligent enough to put it accross multiple pages). But  what I want is
> that the header information be displayed on all the subsequent pages
> automatically.
>                 What happens presently is that the "header" tag  in the
> incoming XML is represented by a fo:table having "yellow" background;
> displays the column titles. This table appears only in the first page.How
> I make this header table appear in all pages? I don't want to control how
> many rows appear in one page by putting that information in the XML say by
> having <page>.. </page> to signify a page.
> Attached - "jeffReport.xml",",jeffReport.xsl" & "". This is how the
> eventual pdf appears (if you notice the yellow header appears only on the
> first page. I want it to appear on all the pages)-

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