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> >  I'm using FOP in a Windows environment and I want if possible to
> > be able to process a large batch of .fo files using a script. The
> > easiest way for me to do this is to use FOP as a COM object.
> > Can I do this?

Not out-of-the box AFAIK, only MS-specific java programs will work as 
COM objects, or you need a COM-to-java bridge which is not very common 
and usually fairly hard to setup.

It might be much easier to simply call FOP as an external process, 
something like "java . . .  org.apache.fop.apps.Fop".

Another option would be to use FOP over an HTTP interface: configure 
FOP as an HTTP servlet (using Cocoon for example) and call it from your 
ASP code: 

-ASP sends HTTP request to FOP backend
-FOP responds with a PDF document which ASP can use

Depending on your configuration FOP or Cocoon might have to make 
another request to your app to get the input XML - sounds a little 
complicated but is not hard to do once you get a clear picture of the 

This would give you a much more modular solution, and much less 
configuration headaches.

Hope this helps!
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