This issue is being dealt with. In the development cvs it uses a cache that will allow garbage collection, context (document) based, different caches etc.
For the code see:

On 2002.03.07 15:57 Peter Murray wrote:
Greetings group,

The FopImageFactory class appears to cache all references to images from
within rendered fop documents.  If you are running FOP in a server
(a) this might cause a memory problem and (b) if images change between
renderings (as they do in my case), I get the old copy of the image
than the latest.

How would people feel about adding a static method
FopImageFactory.clearCache()?  Of course, this won't really be what is
needed 'cause if you are rendering fops in multiple threads, you might
the cache to be a little more persistent than if each thread is flushing
after rendering a fop...

What do folks think about this?

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