Doh, sorry for the previous mail (don't know what happened..)

Hi all,

just in case someone hasn't noticed yet ;-)

FOP 0.20.3 is finally available at for downloading.

The main reason for this release is the conformance to the XSL-FO
Version 1.0 W3C Recommendation. Other changes include:

- support for CMYK and embedded ICC profiles in jpeg images
- support for EPS images
- improved font encodings for native (Acrobat) fonts
- i18n improvments for AWT viewer
- support for letter-spacing
- Polish, Greek, and Hungarian hyphenation
- and of course a lot of bugfixes...

Changes from previous Release Candidate (rc2): - added missing japanese resource for AWT viewer - fixed Markers - updated logkit from 1.0b4 to 1.0

Enjoy, Christian

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