Try the following statement :
<fo:table-row height="Xmm"/> 
if you know the row height, it will probably help you...

Sébastien Foucault

12/03/2002 17:46
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Thanks for your suggestion Olivier, however empty-cells has not been 
implemented yet according to my version of FOP.

Is there another way, or am I still missing something?

At 02:31 PM 3/12/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>Ian Taylor wrote:
>>Sorry for the basic question, I am creating PDF forms which are 
>>dynamically populated using Java and this works fine. However it is also 

>>required that these forms can be printed without the data from the Java. 

>>When I do this, if there are any rows with all blank cells, the whole 
>>just collapses.
>>I have looked on the w3c site but could not find the answer. Altering 
>>line-height does not do anything. I have used 'invisible' characters to 
>>prop the row open till now but this has become impractical. I'm sure 
>>there is a very simple solution to my problem.
>use the attribute empty-cells="show" when declaring your table.

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