Thanks for the suggestions but that's now what I'm looking for. Any way of
unziping tar.gz files will not work for Windows machines. The issue is not
whether you can compress it or not. The issue has to do with incompatible
line endings. If you try to run a tar.gz file on Windows it is likely to
cause problems because of the line endings.

On 03/20/02 11:55, "Michael Schifferdecker" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> Use WinRAR to unzip tar.gz; that will work...
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> Von: Carlos [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
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> Betreff: Zip distribution files?
> I'm working on helping someone set up fop on a win2k machine and there are
> not zip file on the distribution sites. Are they going to be uploaded
> anytime soon?
> Carlos

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