[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Carlos) wrote:
> The issue has to do with incompatible
> line endings. If you try to run a tar.gz file on Windows it is likely to
> cause problems because of the line endings.

As already mentioned WinZip and many other compression utilities
can extract files from .tar.gz archives fine. Many of them are
also willing to do the linefeed conversion for you if asked,
check the online help or the manual for how to enable this.

Apart from this, it is not really necessary to do the conversion,
except for viewing the files in Notepad. You browser will display
the HTML files delivered in the distribution just fine without any
conversion, and FOP will work on the examples.

If you are worried about displaying the text files, use an
editor smart enough to do the right thing even if the file uses
Unix instead of Windows line end conventions. MS VisualStudio
is sufficient. Famous shareware editors like UltraEdit will work
too. Any XML aware editor will also work, by specification. The
real thing is Emacs, of course :-)


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