I was in the same situation you are about a week ago.  You can download the
Java Runtime environment at the following link. (You want the JRE version
as opposed to the SDK).  It's pretty easy to install, and then the FOP.BAT
command from the FOP download invokes it without further intervention.  I
think you may have to restart your PC first, but that's it.


Let me know if that helps!

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I am a sad person who does not have Java on my machine, or any idea how
to use it even if I did get my hands on a copy (I actually have a very
nice Java developer environment with lots of help files on a CD-ROM, but
not with me for another month or so).

Hence although I have downloaded the distribution release of FOP
(including all the nice help files and read-me files), I can't really
use it.

Is there anyone out there who can give me a nice easy to use Win32
executable built from a reasonably recent release of the FOP Java code.
I would very appreciative. But probably not in a fiscal manner :)

Alastair Growcott.

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