Bertrand Badot wrote:
I have got the same problem than Mathy with the overflow of the column and long word.
As I do not want to truncate the data, I try the hyphenate solution but it did not change anything...

Hyphenation only works reliably if the text constitutes words in the specified language. It wont work properly on odd product numbers, nor does it make much sense to think it should.

hyphenate="true">Incredibelylongtext(tobecutbyhyphenation) </fo:block>
The text is hyphenated and wrapped properly on my
machine, using FOP 0.20.3. Perhaps it's time to upgrade.

For stuff like "DJ-TFA-CVS" or "EK>EI>BX>BV", it would be
better to insert zero width spaces at appropriate places,
for some definition of "appropriate". The zero width spaces
will give FOP opportunities to insert line breaks while
not showing up if there is no break necessary.
You can use an XSLT template for achieving this. The XSL
list archive as well as the XSL FAQ has examples. Sorry,
i'm not going to dig them out right now.


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