I'm pretty sure Dave Pawson has an FAQ about this, but unfortunately his
site appears to be down at the moment:

For now see this thread on docbook-apps:

If you have trouble getting it working, I recommend posting a question
on docbook-apps. Maybe a small test case and details about your
toolchain and customization layer. 


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> From: J.Pietschmann [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Sent: Friday, April 05, 2002 1:48 PM
> Subject: Re: DocBook tables not appearing in PDF generated by Fop
> Steinar Bang wrote:
> > Tables don't appear in PDF generated by Fop on the following two
> > platforms:
> Look closely at the error message:
> ...
> > [INFO]: FOP 0.20.3rc
> > [INFO]: building formatting object tree
> > [ERROR]: Error in column-width property value '20%': 
> org.apache.fop.fo.expr.PropertyException: No conversion defined
> FOP currently does not understand percents for determining
> the column width. There are also other problems.
> Try to make the columns of the tables fixed width. Consult
> your docbook manual how to do it (I don't know).
> Furthermore, remove whatever produced the fo:table-and-caption
> in the FO file (probably specifying a title or caption for
> the table in DocBook).
> J.Pietschmann

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