Thanks for the suggestion Tomasz, unfortunately it didn't work.  The URL
printed out as the following(without quotes):
"zip:C:/<path to warfile>/webapp_dealinfo.war#images/logo_gs.gif"

when I put this string in the fo xsl file as the value of the src attribute
I got a similar error:
"[1Error while creating area : Invalid Image URL - error on relative URL :
unknown protocol: nullc]"

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.  Here's what the code looks like
src="zip:C:/TEMP/mercury/lib/war/ecm/webapp_info.war#images/logo_gs.gif" />

Jeff Orford

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Subject: Re: external-graphic within a war file

Orford, Jeffrey wrote:

> Hi-
> I'm attempting to use a gif image using the fo:external-graphic tag.  Both
> the gif file and the xsl file are located in a war file.  The gif is
> in a directory /images (from the war file's root) and the xsl file is
> located in a directory named web-inf.  So far I've tried using the
> following:

> What is the best way to refer to an image from within a war file?  Is the
> war file even the issue?

This will return mysterious instance.
Put this URL (toString) into fo file (you have to
process this file before running FOP - maybe Velocity?).

Tomek Pik

> Thanks.
> Jeff Orford

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