I'm having a problem on my index page where the page number does not show
up on the last linked section of an index page.

It's identical code for all the listed items.  They are contained in a
table, which I can send if additional information is needed.  So I have a 2
page index area, the last two page references on each index page don't show
the page number.  Here's the relevant code on the index page.
<fo:basic-link color="green" internal-destination="reg11">
     Page <fo:page-number-citation ref-id="reg11"/>

The link to the internal destination works (so the id seems to be ok) .  In
this case the block on page 86 looks like so.
<fo:block font-weight="bold" id="reg11" break-before="page">Region

The <fo:page-number/> tag, located in the static "xsl-region-after" does
display the correct page number.

Any ideas of what could cause this type of phenomenon?



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