When running FOP without turning off the debug information written to the
standard out, text such as this is printed when FOP finishes rendering a
PDF page:

Parsing of document complete, stopping renderer
Initial heap size: 111343Kb
Current heap size: 107377Kb
Total memory used: -3966Kb
  Memory use is indicative; no GC was performed
  These figures should not be used comparatively
Total time used: 5562ms
Pages rendererd: 10
Avg render time: 556ms/page

Most of the info, like total time, average time, etc is self-explanatory.
But could somebody please explain the meanings of the heap and memory size

I'm working with creating large (600 page) PDF reports.  Sometimes they
work, and give some sort of info regarding heap size and memory, and
sometimes they don't.  When they do work, it always says that no GC was
performed, which puzzles me considering how large the document is (I'm not
using any forward references and I am using liberal amounts of
page-sequences).  But if the report gets much bigger it crashes, I'm
guessing because it runs out of memory.

I'm just trying to get a little more insight into how things work.



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