Hi all,

i've got several questions about PDF generation with FOP. We want to use a
open-source implementation of XSL-FO in our project, but stumbled across
several open topics. Perhaps you can help us with these:

1) Can one use FOP on a host-environment, ie. IBM mainframe computers, or
does EBCDIC somehow cause problems

2) Can one use font A, even is font A is _not_ installed on a client? Is
this done automatically when rendering the PDF, or do I have to include
additional fonts somehow in the PDF?

3) Is linearilazation possible, ie. displaying the first page while loading
the rest? In Acrobat Reader, this can be queried in the "File-
>Document Info->General->Optimized = true|false"

4) How well does FOP perform in comparision to other XSL-FO implementations?

Thanks for your time in advance,
Sebastian Will

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