I wonder if this is a variation of the oft reported IE5 problem with
recognizing document types.  IE ignores (I think) content type and depends
upon the 'pdf' extension.  The extension gets mangled.  To solve the
problem, use 'a=b.pdf' as your extension name.

Another exceedingly annoying issue is the interaction between Acrobat 5 and
IE5.  If you allow Acrobat to do its thing in the IE 5 browser window,
eventually the connection will break and you'll be looking at a blank IE
screen.  The problem is in the ActiveX version of Acrobat used when Acrobat
is opened within the browser.  To assure that this will not happen, I'd
advise running the Adobe reader outside the browser - this can be done by
adjusting Acrobat's properties: in Acrobat 5.0 Edit->preferences->General
Select 'options' in the left column, make sure checkbox next to "Display PDF
in Browser" is unchecked.

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> The disposition-type "attachment" says, that the display should not start
> automatic but continegent upon some further action of the user.
> Try using disposition-type "inline" or dont set this header and use
> of this only the "contentType" header
> Sample:
> response.setHeader("Content-disposition", "inline;
> filename=\"report.pdf\"");
> or
> response.setContentType("application/pdf");
> Michael

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