Roland Neilands wrote:
Is this an odd generator or how did you get that
much absolute positioning and sizing?
This was taken directly from docs/examples/fo/ with more rows
Does this mean you work by modifying samples?
Unless you are for a quick hack, you should rather start
from the ground up.
Form design is easy with absolute positioned elements, but
is has drawbacks. I'd recommend a grid layout approach,
using a table for the layout

to the next page OK. Should the table be the only thing in the <fo:flow
flow-name="xsl-region-body"> and the fixed details be put into the
<fo:static-content flow-name="xsl-region-before"> & <fo:static-content
flow-name="xsl-region-after"> header/footer perhaps?

It depends on what your "fixed details" are. You could put the form header in the region-start of the first page.

I modified the layout master set by adding a region-before to
the first master and setting an appropriate margin for the
region-body (the "rest" master got only margins changed):

      margin-right="0.5cm" margin-left="0.5cm"
      margin-bottom="0.5cm" margin-top="0.75cm"
      page-width="21cm" page-height="29.7cm" master-name="first">
      <fo:region-body margin-top="9cm"/>
      <fo:region-start region-name="first-start" extent="9cm"/>
      margin-right="0.5cm" margin-left="0.5cm"
      margin-bottom="2cm" margin-top="1cm"
      page-width="21cm" page-height="29.7cm" master-name="rest">

The form header goes into the static content, and i removed
the block-container around the table and the height property
on the table:
   <fo:page-sequence master-reference="psmA">
    <fo:static-content flow-name="first-start">
      <fo:block-container height="4cm" ...>
        <fo:block text-align="start"...>

      ... and so on ...
        <fo:block text-align="start"...>
    <fo:flow flow-name="xsl-region-body">
      <fo:table border-collapse="separate" ...>

The absolute positioned form footer will be placed at the
end of the page where the table ends.


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