Darya Said-Akbari wrote:
When I try to convert the created .fo file to PDF by
fop-0.20.3 I get this errors:

[INFO]: FOP 0.20.3
[INFO]: building formatting object tree
[ERROR]: property 'page-master-name' ignored
[ERROR]: Unknown formatting object
[ERROR]: Unknown formatting object
[ERROR]: property 'page-master-even' ignored
[ERROR]: property 'page-master-odd' ignored
[ERROR]: property 'page-master-first' ignored
[ERROR]: null

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? I use the
latest version for both, Xalan-Java and Fop.

There are no elements fo:sequence-specification or fo:sequence-specifier-alternating in the final version of the standard. Did you use an outdated example or documentation? You'll probably have to use fo:page-sequence-master and fo:repeatable-page-master-aternatives http://www.w3.org/TR/xsl/slice6.html#fo_page-sequence-master http://www.w3.org/TR/xsl/slice6.html#fo_repeatable-page-master-alternatives


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