Thank you very much for your response,

I understood and succeeded with multi-column body region, but it didn't fit my needs. In fact I need multi column in block containers or tables, because i need two columns on the left and a third one completly independant in the right in a page and i need a two columns area and a third columns area in the same page.

Do you have simple examples or urls to manage multi columns in block-containers or tables ?

Thank you for your help


J.Pietschmann wrote:

Xavier DAMAY wrote:

I want to generate dynamically a multicolumn area for a press-like Pdf.
Does a solution exist ?
I tried fo:block and i'm not confortable with tables.
I will appriciate any help,

You can create a multi-column body region by specifying
the column-count property:

You can have only one multi-column-area. There is a
possibility to put a span="all" for blocks which you
want to have to span all columns (mainly intended for
headlines). This would give you a layout as in a
multi-column book.
If you want to have a complex newspaper-like layout,
with a grid with various possibly multi-column articles,
you have to do it manually, either by using a blind
table for the grid, or by using block-containers on
absolute positions.


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