Hello Everybody,
  for my application I created output from FOP to multipage TIFF images.
I have a need in this format to fax documents, created by FOP.

I think FOP developers can be interested in possibility to add to existing 
output formats the formats supported by 
Java Advanced Imaging (JAI) - BMP, JPEG, PNG, PNM and TIFF.
TIFF is widely used for faxing, in image-processing systems.
Other image formats can be useful to create read-only copy of the document, 
show FOP output in standard browsers.

If FOP developers are not interested, my experience at least will be useful for 
some FOP users.

Number of image processing can be reduced if AWTRenderer will allow to specify 
image type for the output images.

When using image type BufferedImage.TYPE_BYTE_GRAY you don't need to convert 
image to gray.

When using image type BufferedImage.TYPE_BYTE_BINARY there is also no need in 
Note, this type can't be used with current version of JAI, because it crashes 
on inverting big images of this type.
This bug is already reported to the JAI developers and I hope will be fixed in 
future releases.

The double invert operation on the image is a workaround of problems with 
photometric interpretation in TIFF images.

The code is released under the same license as FOP itself.
It works well for me, but I do not give any guarantees about its usefulness.
I used JAI 1.1.1, FOP 20.3. The images were generated for faxing by RightFax 
7.2 fax server with using their Java API.

Andriy Palamarchuk

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