Hi David,

as of FOP release 0.20 I experienced many of the fo:table* attributes not to
work as before. My usual workaround for a task like the mentioned is to
place fo:blocks within the fo:table-cells and apply the formatting to the
block. Con: more code. Pro: table structures have a somewhat clearer

Have fun

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From: David Calles [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2002 4:12 PM
Subject: How to use vertical-align="middle" in a table


I have a table and with FOP, I try to make a vertical alignement of the text
 Although the sintaxis is accepted by FOP, the text is not vertically
centerd on the cell. I have tried to put the vertical-align="middle" in the
<fo:table>, in the <fo:table-row> and in the <fo:table-cell> and it is
always the same. 

I don't specify the height of the cell, and it is dinamically adjusted
because of the length of the text. Is that an inconvenient to center the
text ?

Thank you a lot.

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