I'm new to Fop, but I've used ImageMagick/Ghostscript for this purpose and gotten quite good results, especially with PDF compression enabled (I'm assuming that you're talking about full-page TIFF --> PDF conversion). The "convert" module of ImageMagick is the one that you want.



hello all,

I´m trying to convert a tiff to pdf. Fop(0.20.3 including Jimi) runs without
any errors but the resulting pdf-document is empty. All other formats
(gif,bmp etc) will succesfully rendered..
I tried this with many kinds of tiff-files: uncompressed, g3,  g4  etc. But
it always results in an empty pdf-document. So I thing it´s not a problem of
the type.
The line in the fo-file is: <fo:external-graphic src="C:/Logo.tif"/> But I
think thats right. May be I have to change something more than the
jimi-package-name in the source code?
Has anyone an idea? thx for your regard.


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