Hi, I'm running cocoon 2.1dev under tomcat 4.04b2 with JDK 1.3 and FOP
0.20.3.  My cocoon app is generating a PDF using FOP.  I use and embed a
font in my generated PDF file with the following in my userconfig file:

                <font metrics-file="d:/fonts/font_dynamo.xml" kerning="yes"
                        <font-triplet name="dynamo" style="normal"
                        <font-triplet name="dynamo" style="normal"

This all works fine and dandy under normal usage, I get the dynamo font
embedded in my PDF and all is well.  However if I run a load test (20
concurrent processes) on the same app. I get the following error appear in
my tomcat log files:

2002-04-26 15:25:20 ERROR   (2002-04-26) 15:25.20:375   [fop     ]
(/cocoon/invoice.pdf) HttpProcessor[80][11]/MessageHandler: unknown font
dynamo,normal,normal so defaulted font to any

Not for every hit, but for some.  So I'm guessing that there is some sort of
problem with resource sharing.  That is, could FOP not be thread safe as far
as accessing this file?  Or if the file is loaded into memory once, could
there be multi-threading issues with reading from wherever it is stored in

Anyone got any ideas?


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