OK, it was a threading issue, I downloaded the source and had a play.  It
comes about because the static configuration is updated for every
translation I do.  FontSetup.addConfiguredFonts() can read from the font
list at the same time as ConfigurationParser.store() updates it.  I just put
a line in ConfigurationParser.endElement() to only add fonts if there are
none in the list.  Was easier for me than mucking around with
'synchronized', I'm only a java beginner.

        } else if (localName.equals("fonts")) {
-->        if (Configuration.getFonts() != null &&
Configuration.getFonts().size() != 0)
-->        {
-->            // Don't update the fonts
-->        }
-->        else
               this.store("standard", "fonts", fontList);

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Subject: RE: Possible thread-safe issue with fonts

I don't get that error, just the one 'unknown font dynamo...'

Is this more appropriate for fop-dev?


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It sounds like it is a threading problem.

Do you get any messages like:
"Failed to read font metrics file ... "

It would appear that two threads could be reading the font metrics file at 
the same time.
Accessing the file is done through the parser so we don't know what it is 
actually doing and it depends on the parser.
I think each time it is a new data set in memory so it probably is not 

On 2002.04.26 08:17 Chris Warr wrote:
> Hi, I'm running cocoon 2.1dev under tomcat 4.04b2 with JDK 1.3 and FOP
> 0.20.3.  My cocoon app is generating a PDF using FOP.  I use and embed a
> font in my generated PDF file with the following in my userconfig file:
>               <font metrics-file="d:/fonts/font_dynamo.xml"
> kerning="yes"
> embed-file="d:/fonts/dynamo.pfb">
>                       <font-triplet name="dynamo" style="normal"
> weight="normal"/>
>                       <font-triplet name="dynamo" style="normal"
> weight="bold"/>
>               </font>
> This all works fine and dandy under normal usage, I get the dynamo font
> embedded in my PDF and all is well.  However if I run a load test (20
> concurrent processes) on the same app. I get the following error appear
> in
> my tomcat log files:
> 2002-04-26 15:25:20 ERROR   (2002-04-26) 15:25.20:375   [fop     ]
> (/cocoon/invoice.pdf) HttpProcessor[80][11]/MessageHandler: unknown font
> dynamo,normal,normal so defaulted font to any
> Not for every hit, but for some.  So I'm guessing that there is some sort
> of
> problem with resource sharing.  That is, could FOP not be thread safe as
> far
> as accessing this file?  Or if the file is loaded into memory once, could
> there be multi-threading issues with reading from wherever it is stored
> in
> memory?
> Anyone got any ideas?
> Chris.

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