Thank you Arved :)

In the case of arbitrary contents on a cocoon plateform, it would be very very interesting to equilibrate the bloks, mine are small because of the carriage return : it's not confortable to make blocks just to simulate carriage return.

I'm not enough confortable with this project, to help you, but I would like to help the french community, by translating a part of the documentation.

Sincerly Xavier DAMAY

Arved Sandstrom wrote:

Hi, Xavier

Part of this I can speak about...when I put in an algorithm for column
rebalancing (the "equilibration" you refer to, on other words) it was very
crude, really nothing more than a placeholder. I meant to go back to it but
never did, and as far as I know no one else has ever put in a better one.

Your blocks have very little content, so it may not look like they break
across columns. But that they already do. It's just that the break is not
quite in the right place.

I'll take a quick look and see if we can't do somewhat better than what we
have at the moment.

Arved Sandstrom

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I've got a presentation problem, when i use the block below in a two
column body region.
* I would like to equilibrate the two columns : Is it possible to force
fop to cut a block to do that ?

* I use blocks to simulate carriage return : Is there another solution ?

* In the first sub-block (Le temps), I would like to place this piece of
text lower than it does. It's placed  in the top of the blue box, and I
would like to place it in the middle.

*I would like to have an italic and bold piece of text : what's the
corresponding font-style ?
          <fo:block font-size="10pt" font-family="Times Roman"
line-height="14pt" space-after.optimum="3pt" text-align="justify"
background-color="white" span="none">
              <fo:block background-color="darkblue" text-align="center"
color="white" font-size="20">
                  LE TEMPS
              <fo:block font-style="italic" text-align="left">
                 Bla bla bla bla
                 Bla bla bla bla
                 Bla bla bla bla
                 Bla bla bla bla

I thank you for your help !

Xavier DAMAY

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