On Monday 29 April 2002 13:51, someone wrote:
> Thank you for all these good ideas. Would anyone happen to know of an
> industry analyst study on the advantages of XSL FO ?
> This is to lend some credibility to my recommendation.

At 05:18 30/04/2002, John Austin wrote:
All of those Open Source developers out there have become a more
efficient team than Microsoft or anyone else can ever assemble. IBM,
Sun and a few others seem to have realized this.

I think I agree with John's sentiment, if not his exact phrasing.

I'm trying to either

a) create my own XML publishing system with Cocoon, FOP, Tomcat, XIndice, etc and market it myself under my own product name - not mentioning Apache
b) try to get enough people in the UK to support Cocoon, FOP, Tomcat, XIndice, so that we can put this software into big businesses and they wont get nervous about lack of support.

I don't know about an industry analysts study of XSL:FO but we ought to be able to come up with case studies for people who have successfully used FOP.


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