> No. A forward reference is for example a fo:page-number-citation
> referring to a page after the current page, like in the
> overused "page X of Y" construct.

No offense, but if it's over-used, then it's probably because end users ask
for it. As a project lead I really wouldn't look forward to telling the
business team that my whiz-bang PDF generator can't handle page x of y. I've
already had to tell them I can't print 'Continued' on a table header after a
page break, that I can't display separate page numbers for a sub-section,
and that we either have to limit out reports to about 50 pages or have
awkward page breaks where I start new page-sequences. 

I can understand that FOP wasn't designed to do these things, but ultimately
the end-user experience must drive any piece of software. So if FOP can't
adapt, than a commercial alternative or at least extension package will have
to emerge. JMHO.


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