Hi all.

I wonder how I can procude legal empty pages (and then suppress them)?

Defining only a single conditional-page-master-reference
for not-blank pages in a repeatable-page-master-alternatives results in a NullPointerException when FOP encounters an empty page.

With a c-p-m-r for blank pages present:

<fo:page-sequence master-reference="PageMasterTwo">
  <!-- static content ... -->
  <fo:flow flow-name="xsl-region-body"/>

FOP reports
[ERROR]: fo:flow must contain block-level children

Leaving out the flow FOP reports
[ERROR]: No flow found for region-body in page-master 'PageMasterTwoOne'

'PageMasterTwoOne' is the page-master with condition "not-blank".

Adding an empty block to the flow renders a PDF with an empty page, but does not choose the c-p-m-r with the condition "blank" because the flow has a child.

Could anybody tell me how the FO for a legal empty page looks like?
Can I achieve an empty page not to be rendered?

TIA! Ralf

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