Currently we are dynamically creating our PDF documents using FOP in
real-time and displaying them on the browser without a problem.  We've
handled the CPU intensiveness of FOP by limiting the number of users that
can concurrently create a report to 1 or 2 (depending on the server).

BUT - As the number of users requesting PDF reports on our application
scales up we'll need a better solution.  Since our users can wait for these
reports we've decided to run a nightly job to create them and store the
PDFs in our database as a BLOB.  That way during peak usage hours our
servers will only need to deal with returning the PDF to the browser.

My question is, HOW, using FOP and JDBC can I get my PDF into the database
as a BLOB.
The java.sql.PreparedStatement method setBinaryStream(int parameterIndex,
InputStreamx, int length) requires an input stream - how can I get this
from FOP?  If I instead us the java.sql.PreparedStatement method setBlob
(int i, Blob x) method - how can I create a BLOB from what I have from FOP?

Any Ideas would be very helpful.
Thank You!

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