I do not think that native compilation is the main solution for FOP's speed.

The main issue is the overal architecture of FOP. This is adressed by the redesign effort. If you are interested, please, go to the FOP web site to see the list of addressed issues and to see where you could help the FOP team.

As for me, speed issue only appear with large document around 200-2000 pages (I don't even mention above these values).

Of course, the more raw computing your software has to do, the more efficient it will be when native compiled. Yet I do not think this is the issue here.

Hope this helps.

By the way, what average speed would you consider ok ?


At 11:32 22/05/2002 +0200, you wrote:
At present there are problems of speed...

To improve FOP's performances,
Does anybody have to test products to compile class Java FOP ?


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