Henrik Holle wrote:
can i make table-cells fixed size withe the current fop-release? for example
a cell with 4cm height and 4cm width?

Yes, but not directly. You can set the height property of the row where the cell is in, and you can set the width of the column. For example <fo:table table-layout="fixed"> <fo:table-column column-width="4cm"> <fo:table-body> <fo:table-row height="4cm"> <fo:table-cell/> </fo:table-row> </fo:table-body> </fo:table>

and is it also possbile to avoid pagebreak on some of my page-master?
Generally, this seems to be a task for the keep-together,
keep-with-next and keep-with-previous properties.
Unfortunately, only keep-with-next and keep-with-previous
work, and only on table rows. You have to use a blind
table to use it.

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