Maybe I can explain some of it: Loading images in FOP is a two-stage
process. First a URL connection is made to retrieve the header of the
image. FOP wants to know how big the image is and so on. This is during

Then when FOP renders the layout to the target format (ex. PDF) it loads
the image again. This time the full image.

The "Connection aborted by peer" is probably on the Servlet-side and
indicates that FOP hung up the connection after reading (only) the
header of the image. Maybe we need to improve that situation eventually.

Could you elaborate in which situations the generation fails completely
and what the error messages are?

> We have an fo:external-graphic that fetches a dynamic image from a 
> servlet.  On the first call, we get an error: " 
> Connection aborted by peer: socket write error".  After that, evidently, 
> FOP will call a second time and fetch the image.  It appears that on some 
> architectures, the image generation fails completely.  Has anyone seen this 
> problem?

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