Matt, I'm not sure what you mean by a "one FOP processing thread per
appserver instance"?

J., I am getting data out of some javabeans in the form of xml, then this
xml is transformed using a stylesheet, then another transformation takes
place to create the xsl:fo and then FOP takes over.  I'll go ahead and try
and profile--you think the bottleneck might be in the transformations and
not in the final rendering?  Do you have a profiler you can recommend?

Thanks very much for the feedback.

Mike Z.

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I am curently working on a system to only allow one FOP processing thread
per appserver instance. You can search my earlier posts for some
benchmarking results.

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> Zahigian, Mike wrote:
> > I am using FOP to take a single page of XSL:FO content and 
> convert to PDF.
> > I have embedded FOP in a servlet.  When I have one user 
> requesting a page it
> > takes about 6 or 7 seconds to get the page formatted as 
> PDF.  It seems like
> > each additional simultaneous request pushes the response 
> time by 6 or 7
> > seconds.  So, if 10 users request pages at about the same 
> time, the 10th
> > user gets his page back in about a minute--and this is only 
> one page.  
> > 
> > Is this the performance I should expect?  What the ideal 
> way to handle the
> > rendering process?  Should I create a Rendering object that 
> had a rendering
> > method or should I simply have a class with one static 
> method that renders?
> > Any guidance on how to embed FOP and get better response time is
> > appreciated.
> The design of the embedding hardly matters for performance.
> The complexity of the layout usually matters.
> How much time does FOP need to render your FO from the command
> line? Does the time include the XSL transformation or is it FO
> rendering only? Use the -d switch to get timings.
> Do you use JDK1.3? Is HotSpot enabled? FOP is much slower on
> JDK 1.2 and earlier.
> Try to isolate the steps. Apply a profiler. You might find
> bottlenecks where you'd expect them last.
> In your case, I strongly suspect the bottleneck is data retrieval,
> not FO rendering, 7 seconds for a page sounds too much. You ought
> to get 1-2 pages per second on moderatly dated machines.
> J.Pietschmann

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