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Matt Savino
> > Doesn't XSLT ultimately need it's source XML in a DOM 
> object to run?  
> It depends. One point is that DOM is an interface, and there
> exist heavyweight and leightweight implementations. Some
> XSLT processors can work directly from an arbitrary DOM tree
> as long as read interface is supported.
> Many XSLT processors prefer to build their own internal
> representation of the XML tree for efficiency rather than
> using a DOM implementation from a library, quite a few do
> this even if they are fed a DOM tree. The internal XML tree
> representation may or may not resemble a DOM implementation,
> and may or may not use or provide a DOM conformant interface.
> Some processors, specifically Xalan, are capable of "streaming
> processing". They analyze the templates and start processing
> immediately once a sufficiently large subtree is read.
> Subtrees which has been processed are discarded, so there is
> never a complete DOM in memory. This work especially well
> if you are creating a (HTML-) table from a DB query result.
> J.Pietschmann

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