Urban, Patrick wrote:
1. By saying XSL FO is a recommendation is the W3C putting its stamp of
approval on it or is there still a higher level of approval this
specification can receive?

Not that I know. It took W3 long enough (more than 2years?!) until XSL-FO became a recommendation.

2. How many (major?) vendors are actively developing solutions for this

IBM is using XSL-FO in some projects. IBM also created a XSL Renderer at alphaworks. See the links in this email.

3. What other XSL FO formatters are there? I have heard of XEP, are there
others? How do they compare with FOP?

http://www.cuesoft.com/products/ax_xsl.asp Windows/ActiveX

  based upon TeX



  alphaWorks: IBM XSL Formatting Objects Composer

4. Are there many XSL FO authoring tools?

I am currently aware of two tools: http://foa.sourceforge.net/ open source, support for most formatting elements

  Wysiwyg editor, commercial

5. How is Apache supporting FOP? How will this change in the future?

What I really want to know is...
Has anyone else been through a similar evaluation process that wants to
share their experience with me?

I think there are many companies out there how use XSL-FO for professional reporting. Look at the FOP mail archives: several companies described what they did with the FOP.

Stephan Albers
jCatalog Software AG

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