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> The MODE command helps some, but won't go higher than 80 odd lines (no
> scrollback).
> I've tried redirection to file without success before but not
> "2>&1" : this
> just threw up the FOP usage screen & "Don't know what to do with 2". I'll
> just keep debugging on UNIX if I need to.

Yes, I mentioned the standard error redirection (or just redirection period)
in case you had at least NT. I recall having had problems with just simple >
redirection with Win98.

Another option is to run FOP from a decent text editor, like UltraEdit,
where you can run DOS commands and executables, and capture the output.

Yet another option is to get a better shell, like 4DOS/4NT.

In the final analysis, though, if you've got UNIX handy, use that. :-)

Arved Sandstrom

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