Hi all,

I'm using FOP 0.20.3 to create PDF from SVG and
I'm encountering a problem with an unexpected 
margin at the top of the PDF page.

I attached two small fo files and the resulting
PDF files. As the attachments show it doesn't seem
to be an SVG related problem. Even the text has a
margin at the top. BTW, you have to zoom in all the
way (1600%) using Acrobat Reader to see the margin.

I'm new to XSL-FO so I might be overlooking 
something here. Or is this a FOP bug?

Any pointers are appreciated.


PS: Yes, I tried using the PDFTranscoder which
should be sufficient because I'm only converting
SVG to PDF. And yes, the margin issue doesn't
show up there. BUT: I need the SVG text to be
not stroked in the PDF document and the 
PDFTranscoder doesn't do that at the moment.
So, in order to avoid stroking the text, I have
to wrap the SVG in XSL-FO and use the PDFRenderer,
which has the margin issue described above.

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