jdk 1.3 worked...thanks.  I was able to rebuild fop.jar and it reflected
changes made in driver.java


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Carter, Will wrote:

> 1.  I just downloaded fop-0.20.3-src.tar.gz and unzipped it into a dir
> called c:\fopsrc.
> 2.  When I execute build.bat at my command line, it starts chugging away
> then gets the following compiling error.
> [javac] Compiling 720 source files to C:\fopsrc\fop-0.20.3\build\classes
> [javac]
> :287: No variable TRUETYPE_FONT defined in class java.awt.Font.
> [javac]                 cashedFont =
> Font.createFont(Font.TRUETYPE_FONT,fontStream);
> [javac]                                                  ^
> [javac] Note:
> .java uses or overrides a deprecated API.  Recompile with "-deprecation"
> details.
> [javac] 1 error, 1 warning
> C:\fopsrc\fop-0.20.3\build.xml:589: Compile failed, messages should have
> been provided.
> Total time: 3 minutes 13 seconds
> 3.  Why do I get this error?
Which jdk version are you using? That is probably the old one, try 1.3.

> 4.  Does this build.bat recompile all the java files that are part of the
> fop application to make a new fop.jar?
Yes, it's supposed to create fop.jar in build directory.

> 5.  Say if I edit Driver.java and want to see the results of changes, I
> would run this build.bat to recompile and get a fop.jar that reflects
> changes?
Right and don't edit java sources in build/src directory - they are copied 
from src directory during build process.

> 6.  Should this question be in the developer listserv instead?
They say fop-dev list is indented for the fop developers, not for developers

dealing with fop :), so the answer depends on what are you trying to achieve
or just customize fop for you own needs or to patch it or to improve

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