Is it possible to apply a ratio on an image trhought
an external-graphic fo element ?
I mean I want to display a graphic at 1/3 its size for example.
Can anyone help ?

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Subject: Re: What kind of TIFF does FOP support

> Oleg Tkachenko wrote:
> > btw, isn't jimi some kind of obsolete library intended to be used by 
> > those tied to jdk1.1?
> Well, obsolete or not, it works, is available, platform neutral,
> easy to install and provides support for a wide range of graphics
> formats, some of them rather obscure. Do you know of a JAI
> implementation, preferably OSS and/or freely available, which
> supports all common subformats of TIFF, PNG, BMP and perhaps a
> few more?
> A quick sweep through sourceforge revealed only a TIFF
> implementation.
> The Sun JAI implementation offers all the formats, but
> installation requires more than just dropping a jar into
> the classpath, and it contains platform specific binaries
> (good for speed but screws Mac users and others).
> J.Pietschmann

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